the hand of providence


I spend a lot of time composing entries for this blog– oh SERIOUSLY, WordPress spellchecker, you don’t know the word BLOG???– but obviously I haven’t gotten around to writing them up, because after all, who cares, they don’t have a much wider audience here than they do lying around in my brain, but this— this I at least have to document.

So, I’m at the Sunday evening mass, and the consecration is taking place, and the bell rings, and at the same moment, and I mean the exact same split second as the bell begins to ring, the guy in the pew in front me’s cell phone begins to ring, and it’s a regular old-fashioned electronic-version telephone ring, not some rap song, so its pacing is identical to the live bell– not a ding-dong bell, but something more like a 1962 office phone. So it actually took me several seconds to realize what it was: at first I thought it was some kind of weird harmonic, except it stopped and started again, and then it dawned on me that it was his phone, though I wasn’t 100% convinced until he reached into his pocket and turned it off.

OK, I’m not properly conveying the amazingness of this. And I don’t know what the moral of the story is– God has this guy’s back? I mean, one second earlier or three seconds later, he would have been the jerk whose cell phone is ringing in church. And not just in church, but during the most important moment– “This is my body, which will be given up for RRRIIINNNNGGGG!!!!” I mean, what a save.

He seemed like a really nice guy. So, well done You.

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