About–Long Version

The Chronicle of Golden Shore

Welcome to the riverside. This blog has been traveling on the pilgrim way since 2005, and has finally arrived at the home that was prepared for it. I started it on LiveJournal, back when my only internet access was at the public library, and I had to find out how to start a blog from the Sunday paper. I picked LiveJournal from the three sites suggested because I liked the name. What’s better than being alive?

It was a wonderful site, in those days. But it has declined steadily into a caricature of its former self, and of everything else on the web besides. When the ads flooded into every corner, I left. I initially tried to move this blog to WordPress, but discovered after I signed up that it would have nothing to do with my slightly antiquated browser.

WordPress eventually repented, but meanwhile Golden Shore had begun life anew as By The Riverside, on InsaneJoural. A wonderful if quirky site, InsaneJournal: I highly recommend it.* But since it is a bit of a backwater, and since my access to WordPress has been restored, I decided to finally bring this blog here. Ah, if only I had not been so hasty, I could have imported it intact from LiveJournal, and carried on from there. But perhaps it is just as well. Blogs are ephemeral things; they’re not meant to last for the ages. And the content was not earth-shattering, though it was meaningful to me. A few of the old posts are still preserved, and I’ll bring them all over from InsaneJournal by hand, sooner or later.

I suppose it will still be read by few or none. And I’ve lost my way a bit, since I started that original blog with a clear purpose, so who knows where this will ramble. But beneath it all, the primary goal lives on: to bring a Catholic Worker presence to Antioch, one day, and to connect with those who want to share the journey.

*No, sorry. As of July 2012, I completely retract this statement. They appear to have gone completely crazy. This blog was deleted and purged with almost no warning, no response to my requests for help, and no response to other users with the same problem. I’ve been blogging for almost eight years and never had a site behave in such an irresponsible manner. Avoid them like the plague.