Better Than This

Well, mostly.

I made this page a few years ago, when I was learning some basics of CSS. It’s still just me; don’t get excited.

The Catholic Worker
The best site around. Great archives, and lots of links.

Saint Benedict Catholic Worker
In Fresno, California. A dedicated and inspirational presence. They had a WordPress blog, but the first entry was apparently the last.

A “free restaurant” in San Francisco, based on the Catholic Worker model. Their commitment to beauty and to the dignity of every human being is something for us all to live up to. Unfortunately they never update their site.

Cathlic Worker odds and ends
An interesting blog with many first-hand recollections of the CW in New York and wonderful vintage photographs.

Orthodox Peace Fellowship
Great spirit, great materials.

The Ade Bethune Collection
Enjoy the beautiful artwork of Ade Bethune, much of it created for the Catholic Worker.

St. Nicholas Center
All St. Nicholas, all the time!

The U.S. Bishops.

The Vatican. Don’t make assumptions; read it for yourself.